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Friday, 29 July 2016



Are you here? reading my mumbling thought as I can't sleep as usual. Thanks to Hurix I don't have cough anymore.

What the heck is doing in my mind?

I can't stop thinking and I wish I were sleeping soundly on my bed but NOOOOO my brain does not stop working. In order to clear my mind I chose to write here.


This word defines the phobia of losing someone you love.

What should I do next?

How I should my live now without you?

How long it will take to feel okay without you?

What should I do if I miss you?

Is it okay to cry?

Is it okay to sleep a lot so I can forget you?

What should I tell my heart?

Is it okay, people came and go. like this?

These questions keep repeating in my head.

When I feel like losing the person that means so much to me, I started to hate myself.

What have I done?

You should know that once you left me without words, it kills me inside, Yes, I can brightly smile but you'll no longer see the older smile.

I always tell myself I should not love people easily. Because they can leave when they want. But my heart still repeat the same mistakes. funny right?

But I believe time will heal everything.

I'll be okay, though. I have been through worse.

just not for today.

It is okay to lose because we can't beg everyone to stay. if you wanna stay, stay. If you don't want, then go. You're free.

I know that my heart never be same anymore but trust me, I will be okay.