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Monday, 5 June 2017

Rambling around


Have you ever heard about Dalgakbi. A Korean dish that tastes good.

Yes, this one. So here my story.

Last week, I felt so tempting to eat this dish. I tried so hard to hold it as I can't get in Terengganu.
So I asked someone to go there after holiday week ends.

He was so happy to go with me. And he gave me two choices either Monday or Tuesday. Thinking about test and works to do I chose Monday. So I waited happily. I rejected so many plans just for it. I was very happy, I don't know how to describe my happiness.

After going back to Shah Alam, I ironed my cloth. I chose the cloth and asked everyone to make sure I wear the best cloth.

So today is the day. I did not plan any menu for iftar. AT the noon, I went to office to give my resignation letter and Timbalan Dekan's answer disappointed me. So I went home and slept.

Then I woke up and saw his text. Surprisingly, he wanted TO CANCEL the plans. I knew he tried his best to make another plan. I replied his messages holding my sadness and madness and yes I can't control the way I replied. I told him that he can go meet his senior. It's up to him.

Then, he said he will go out with me. With the harsh replied. What's the point you go out with me if you blamed me for being so childish. I understand that you havent see you senior for few years but you canceled everything that you promised week ago few hours before it.

What I supposed to say when I already arranged everything. It freaking damn hurts me.

I understand but I just can't hold my tears. I waited a whole week for this day and yes that how I felt it. I slept to forget but when I woke up it still hurts.

Ahh you don't know anything. You don't know how happy I was. You don't know my struggle to finish my work just to go out with you.

You asked me to understand you but the fact you will never have the effort to understand me. I always put you as my priorities but you seem don't care at all.

So goodnight everyone. Just a little advice from me. If you wanted to go out with someone, you better fulfill your promise.

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